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tv   ABC7 News at 12A on KOFY  KOFY  July 24, 2012 12:00am-12:30am PDT

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[applause]. >>reporter: about 2,000 people paid at least 100 dollars to attend the fundraiser. people had to show up hours early to get through security. supporters we talked to say it was time and money well spent. they say not often when the president comes to this side of the bay. >> i was thinking about giving to the campaign any way so when i saw it e-mail talking about obama coming to oakland and being at the fox it was a no brainer. >> really appreciate the opportunity for him to be able to just take the time out of his busy schedule just to come to little oakland. >>reporter: president spoke for more than 30 minutes. much of the speech focus on the economy and the middle class. >> this country was not built from the top down. it was built from the middle class ou out. from the bottom up. that's why i'm running for second term as president of the united states. >>reporter: mr. obama total take from the fox theater fundraiser is estimated to be between 800 to 900,000 dollars. president hinted he needs
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every cent of it. he told the crowd the opposition is spending more money than the country has ever seen and pleaded for their hope. >> now i'm asking to you knock on doors. and make phone call calls. and do all the things that we did in 2008. many. >>reporter: the president had 2 other fundraising events in the east bay today. the total amount raised from this trip is said to be between 3 to 4 million dollars. live in oakland, lillian kim, abc 7 news. >> thanks lillian. of course not everyone was in support of president obama visit. throughout the day demonstrators expressed their displeasure and tonight some of them march through the streets of oakland. allen wong is in downtown oakland with that part of the president visit. allen. >> about 50ors were marching up and down this street about 6 tonight but we haven't heard from them in the past 2 hours. as vocal as they were, it's likely the president never heard or saw them.
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>> obama not promoting peace. he's perpetuating war. >>reporter: many l former supporters say they are turning their back on president obama. >> he's done nothing for the black community. >>reporter: protestors took over the intersection of broadway and 19 street just block away from the fox theater where mr. obama spoke. for a moment they opened it up for 2 fire truck but closed it down again. president motorcade snuck in through a side street but didn't prevent protestors from voicing their opinion. >> iraq still going on. we are not done with that country. we have thousands of mercinaries on the state payroll stale terrorizing people over there. >>reporter: protestors are especially upset because obama has allow federal crack down on 2 of the biggest pot clubs in oakland. one of them harbor side health center is the largest pot club in the countr country. now the property are subject to seizure. >> thinks one of the best known places to get your stuff tested
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to see if you have any disease or not so you know your medicine is safe. who else does that. >>reporter: city of oakland has welcome marijuana growers and distributors hoping to cash in. but mayor kwan did not appear ready to press the president on the issue tonight. >> we are now trying to also find ways to tax and license and keep safe the growing. so oakland is a pioneer in that. so we'll have consideration with the whilt house either through our liaison or. >>reporter: it looks like demonstrations have fizzled out tonight. police never tried to break up the demonstrators. even though they were blocking the street. eventually they left and there are no arrests to report tonight. reporting live in downtown oakland, abc 7 news. thanks you. >> medley after the president speech in oakland, his motorcade crossed the bay bridge back to san francisco for him to spend the night there he's expected in portlan portland, oregon for campaign stop tomorrow. not far from where the
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president was speaking, a stand off happening writ now. swat teams have surrounded a house on east 24th street. that's where investigators have tracked a pair of suspects they say shot california highway patrol officer this weekend. we are live near the police command post with the latest on this. sergio. >>reporter: l investigators tell us that they arrived in the neighborhood around 3:30 this afternoon. suspect house is actually jaws couple block away from where we are standing beyond the police uniform officers and the command post there. they tell us that they quickly realized they needed some back up. thinks a stand off now that is going on eight hours. s.w.a.t. team from fremont joined and police agency from the east bay rolled the arm or vehicle into place as part of the effort to capture 2 suspects and since investigators believe the pair has already shot at a police officer, they mobilize plenty of resources.
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>> the 2 individuals are barricaded inside a residence and they are responsible for shooting at chp officer last saturday evening. we are treating them armed and dangerous. >>reporter: highway patrol man had tried to pull over a white van near the 8 80 freeway hyde street saturday night. but was rammed from behind by a black accura that turned out to be stolen. the 2 men in the accura then shot out the rear window of the chp cruiser. the officer was not injured but 2 men in the accura and 2 men in the van got away. right now investigators are not saying exactly which 2 suspects they believe are hold up in the house. they tell us however that they safely removed a woman and 2 children from that suspect residence and also shortly there after safely moved another family from another nearby residence. now they are just wait to go go into the suspect home. reporting live in east oakland, abc 7 news.
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>> thanks sergio. >> the killer who shot a couple to death in san jose while the children slept is still on the street tonight armed and dangerous. around 4 this morning someone stormed into a house on north 7th street and after a loud argument killed the couple. 26-year-old mary jiminez and 28-year-old pedro jiminez were high school sweet hearts. people say the couple was targeted. neighbor saw a man running from the house. >> i did didn't see his face. he had the hoodie on and running. that's the same thing i told the police. i didn't see the guy. >> family of both believe a jealous ex boyfriend is responsible. >> another bay area police department received a package containing a white powder substance today. today package arrived at fremont police headquarters 11:00 o'clock this morning, police had been on alert since friday when employee opened similar packages at the berkeley, san francisco, san leandro and
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union city police department. hazardous material team determined that none of the packages both today and those on friday pose any danger. the fbi continues to work with local police to find out who is responsible for this hoax. >> one of our viewers needs your help to recover his stolen special use van. the van is similar to this one. it's a white ford e 150 outfitted for a special needs person. carlos has been in a wheelchair for 20 years after sivring a spinal cord injury. last friday he noticed the van was missing from the designated parking space outside his apartment in south san francisco. he just wants it back. no questions asked. >> screws return the van. i'm not looking to get compensatio compensation. i just need my van to get around. get my independence back when i had my spinal cord injury. >>reporter: he's a recent graduate with degree in psychology and he accomplished that in large part because of that special van that got him
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to and from school. coming up next. 7 news anchor is live in colorado where the suspect in the shooting appeared in court. what we know about the man who went from budding scientist to accused mass murderer. >> also. the giant dust storm makes a pass through phoenix. >> and leap literally from the edge of space. daredevil planning to dive back to earth
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of. >> young man accused of killing a dozen people and wounding scores more in the colorado theater shootings made his first court appearance today. james holmes seemed disoriented and showed no emotion. amma live at the courthouse in centennial, colorado for us tonight. amma? >>reporter: the suspect james holmes just sat there next to his public defender. seemed to almost nod off at times. he was not charged today. that's going to happen next week. today was a chance for the judge to advice him of his rights. >> given the nature of the charges you are currently being
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held on no bond hold. >>reporter: it was the moment so many had waited for. chance to see accused killer james holmes for the first time since the mass shooting inside midnight showing of the dark knight rises. >> put off looking at his face and eventually i had to get past that and see who the killer was. >>reporter: victims and families only got to see the 24-year-old with the fiery red orange hair. he never spoke but family attorney did. >> family wants to reiterate that their hearts go out to the victims and their families. >>reporter: when asked if they standby their son. >> yes they do. he's their so son. >>reporter: s as legal process gets under way the victims continue to heal. >> we both survived which is more than i could have asked. it's something well grow through together. >>reporter: prosecution meeting with victims and families. they want to consult with them before they make a decision on whether to pursue the death penalty. >> victims will be impacted by that decision in an enormous way for years if the death
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penalty is sought. >>reporter: and there are a couple new development tonight. we have learned that the aurora police department has been put under a gag order which means there will be no more many media updates. they won't be telling us any more about the case and also we have actually learned that 2 more victims have improved enough to actually be able to go that carolyn is some great new news. live, 7 news. >> certainly is. warner brother plans to make what it calls a substantial donation to the victim at friday shooting rampage. warner brother proud the dark knight rises and other movies in the series. money go to several charity supporting the shooting victims. colorado community first foundation will oversee how the funds will be distributed. stay with us and our web site for the latest development on the colorado theater massacre. also created a slide show in remembrance of the 12 victims. find that on the
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front page of our web site. back to the presidential campaign for a moment. we talked about president obama visit. mitt romney finished his california fundraiser swing in orange county today down south. slamming president obama over his failure to create jobs. romney met with small business owners in costa mesa a.they all agreed mandates have no place in health care and that the way to get the economy back on track is by growing businesses and generating jobs. >> the president needs to spend time with the jobs council. i guess in the last 6 months he's done 109 fundraisers. he found time for. that would i suggest between the fundraisers get together with the jobs council and learn from people who are working hard to create jobs. l. >>reporter: romney in costa mesa attended fundraiser tonight. tomorrow he addresses the same veteran of foreign war group in reno that the president spoke with today. >> are the had. things are kind of cool out there certainly getting cooler.
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>> sandy is here with the forecast. >> yes. temperatures dropped a good two to 16 degrees this afternoon. right now i want to show you some incredible pictures from phoenix, arizona. where it was nothing like this here in the bay area. you can see this is what is called a habub this means wind and this is an incredible dust storm here intense dust storm caused by the downdraft. wind out of a thunder storm and basically can see it just swallowing parts of phoenix, arizona. this is common in the summer time. in phoenix. also common in sudan. so once again that is what is known as a habub. possibility of thunderstorms there which means it's still a possibility but very small chance for the phoenix area. incredible pictures from there. live doppler 7 hd now. show you our marine layer. it's back. at the coast. you can see it's just socked in along the coast. also have some of the fog over the bay and it is going to be with us tomorrow
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morning. take a look at the time lapse from the east bay hills camera. from early this evening as we look to the east even though marine layer 2200 feet deep it's not going to advance very far. part of the reason for this is look at the wind. it's not very strong tonight. we don't have a very strong delta breeze going. south west 20 smoyrs we limit the fog to the coast and to the bay side communities. temperatures right now in the 50's and the 60's fog near the coast bay tonight cooling trend continues through thursday then it warms up again in time for your weekend plans. so really some changes are coming. today the cooling began. tomorrow continue to see it fog along highway 1. can see up towards 101. if driving across 101 that the north bay you will run into some fog tomorrow morning. also parts of the east bay. oakland. hayward. so do count on that. as you start off your tuesday morning. temperatures in the low 50's to the low 60' 60's. definitely mild start to your morning but the fog will
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limit your adviceability so give yourself a little extra time as you head out the door tomorrow morning. tomorrow afternoon numbers come down. 83 san jose south bay. 84 for campbell. on the peninsula 79 redwood city menlo park low 60's coast side breezy at times downtown san francisco 66 degrees sunset district 62. get you up into the north bay upper 70's santa rosa, sonoma, san rafael, 74 and east bay up to 70 in oakland. 71 in hayward. san leandro. inland areas actually falling a little bit below normal for this time of year. 87 livermore. you should be in the low 90's. still warm but fought quite as warm as what we have seen. 84 danville. 82 walnut creek and around the monterey bay you will see the numbers ranging from 63 in carmel to 84 degrees in morgan hill. here's forecast if going to the giants game tomorrow night. breaking up the work week checking them out as they host the padres at 7:15. breezy partly cloudy temperature low 60's dropping down to the mid 50's. i would
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take a light jacket if i were you. cooler right on through thursday. 82 in the warmest inland community on thursday. upper 50's coast side. temperatures will start to slowly moderate and come back up in time for your weekend plans. back to average on sunday monday. low 90's inland community. >> sound great thanks. >> coming up next. l breach of protocol. kiss that stirred up controversy in london. >> and reminder about the abc 7 sleep train dream campaign. for every new like we get on our facebook page 1 dollar goes to help bay area foster children. go to our facebook and click on the like butt to be. it could help change be. it could help change someone's life. stay with us
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her husband prince philip on both cheek. happened during a reception at the palace. >> australia daevr devil give it another go to jump 90,000 people at the edge of face. felix here on a previous jump just 71,000 feet scrubbed the attempt because of thunderstorms. if all goes well he will float up to 90,000 feet in capsule attached to heal yuma filled balloon. expected to grow from sear to 5 09 miles an hour in 30 seconds. he will be in free fall for over 5 minutes and become the first person to break the speed barrier outside an aircraft. boy that is wild. >> that sound awful really. >> all right larry. >> mac 1. >> traveling 30 or 35,000 feet and he's at 90. >> at 90. >> okay. >> oh, yes. >> that's awful. >> nothing quite so death
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>> good evening. after going 4 and 2 on the east coast road trip giants back home tonight starting a 10 game home stand with the padres. buster continues his summer and this is what the game business. sparky souvenir here and all smiles. giants get to clay in the first. 3 nothing. crawford line left. i got it. called out initially for the ump to change the call. got it right. 4 nothing giants. brian goes 7. one of the 6 strike out victim. first win in almost a month. last 11 games he hit it over 500. in the fifth goodbye. right-handed hitter homering to
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right field pretty rare there. 7-1 giants and into the crowd. cabrera. snared the foul ball. giants win 7-1. stay game and a half up on the donors. a's day off. hammer penn state in the sex abuse scandal involving sandusky. problem with the penalty that players who had nothing to do with the scandal will be the ones hurt the most now. penn state fined 60 million dollars. banned from bowl game for 4 years. lose 10 to 20 scholarship a year for the next 4 years. paterno wins back to 1999 will be forfeited. >> we can make clear that the culture actions and inactions that allowed them to be victimized will not be tolerated in college athletic. >> rookie reported today full squad work out begin on friday. aj jenkins says he is ready. you will recall shortly after jenkins was drafted receiver
12:28 am
from illinois came in minicamp and out of shape. he talked to the teammate about the off season work out. made changes. and now he's full speed. aj having just the rookie working out for the first few day of camp ia plus. >> give my feels good to have practice. get back into play and football so i mean doing football camp is definitely good. >> you start. may take your the and classic cartoon for 200 please. >> congratulationss to bay area sports writer andrew bag long time mercury news baseball describe currently with comcast crushing people nightly on jeopardy. he won for the second time tonight. >> key message to this title figure in an italian word is. >> it's far safer to be feared than loved. did you get the prince. yes. did you risk more than a couple thousand.
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5601. you remain champion. >> wac tomorrow tonight at 7:00 here on abc 7 sports. brought to you by riff rock casino. dan you need intellectual capacity in sports. >> what are you going to take on jeopardy larry. >> oh, wheel of fortune guy for me. spin the wheel. >> thanks larry. nature line up next. >> i'm carolyn johnson. thanks for joining us. 7 news


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